Hello and welcome to the web site of Martin Brant. This site brings together details of my hobbies and a few other things I find useful to have available online. Please feel free to browse.

Astronomy has been a hobby of mine for many years and I do enjoy getting out from time to time to look at the stars. I'd describe myself more of an armchair astronomer at the moment though. My astronomy page includes a little script that I've cobbled together from various sources that gives details of the sun and moon rising and setting times for wherever you might be in the world as well as the phases of the moon. There are also links to my favourite astronomy web sites.

I'm especially interested in tracing the family tree of my family and the family of my wife and I'm always interested to hear from other people with the same interest and especially from people who I might have common ancestors with. On the genealogy pages you can browse my family tree and even request an account to add details of your own. I've had a significant amount of success with my wife's family and have found some quite well known historical figures in her tree. Please take a look at the genealogy pages to see the current state of my research.

Another hobby I've had for sometime is photography. I've been through several cameras including compact and SLR film cameras. I switched sides and joined the digital revolution in 2005 and haven't looked back since. My digital cameras have ranged from pro-sumer compacts like the Canon PowerShot G5, through Canon DSLRs to my current camera which is a Samsung NX300. My pictures can be found on flickr.

Maybe you've found your way here from an old link to some other projects I've worked on. If so, these links might be of some use to you...

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