Enter the details requested below to get the times for twilight, sunrise/set and moonrise/set for your selected date range. The answers are believed to be accurate for 50 years either side of 2000. The time values default to today (the timezone is picked up from your computers' clock) and the latitude and longitude default to the town centre in Evesham, UK (where I live).

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Below are some links to my favourite astronomy sites. Enjoy.

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This page can be saved to your local machine and run without needing to connect to this website. All the code is contained within the web page itself. Credit goes to Keith Burnett for the code that calculates the twilight, sunrise/set and moonrise/set events. You can visit Keith's website for a full discussion on this and lots of other astronomical calculations. The phases of the moon calculation are all my own work and, although I would not rely on them for any serious work, I have checked them for several dates up to 2010 and they seem to be fairly accurate.

Martin Brant. January 2005
Last updated: November 2007