Here is the results of much research into the family tree of both mine and my wife's families. I'd love to be able to take credit for it all but I've put this together from information gathered from lots of different sources. Further down the page are some links to the genealogy sites I have used for this research.

If you think we may be related please feel free to contact me by clicking on the email link at the bottom of this page and I'd be happy to share the information I have with you and would be very grateful for any information you might have that I could use to extend my tree.

During my investigations I've found some interesting connections that my wife's family have and these can be found here. We've also been luck in being able to trace her family back quite a long way and into what I think is mythology. These links can be explored here.

Anyone can look at the tree - the site is powered by PhpGedView - but will have limited access to the details of recent family members. If you think we might be connected and would like to look more deeply you can request a user account on the tree pages.

Finally on this page are some links to my favourite genealogy websites. I've used all of these (and many more besides) to help me find my ancestors. Hopefully you might find them useful too.

An excellent resource for finding your ancestors on censuses, birth, marriage and death records.
A group of likeminded people - all trying to trace their family histories. You can upload your own tree, search other peoples and look for matches.
This is the site of the church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. They have a whole load of records that you can search for free.
findmypast online is an excellent resource for finding records of births marriages and deaths since 1837.

Martin Brant. May 2005
Last updated: November 2007

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