There are quite a few interesting historical people in my family tree. We have a connection with Henry VIII, William the Conqueror and my wife and her family are direct descendants of Alfred the Great and several Earls, Dukes and Lords.

I've listed the key interesting people here - click on them and you can see their family details.

Person Description

Henry VIII
King of England

Henry requires no introduction. The King famed for taking England away from the Catholic Church so that he could divorce his wife and then went on to mary a total of 6. He appears in our tree because one of his mistresses (Mary Berkeley) is a direct ancestor.
William I
King of England
The Conqueror
William was the man who invaded England in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings. He appears in this tree as the Great Grandson of one of our direct ancestors (Richard I 3rd Duke of Normandy AKA The Fearless).

King of England
The Great

Alfred is credited with being the first king to unite the whole of England. Alfred was also the first King to successfully repel an attack by the Danes and made England into a haven for the Saxons. He was also a celebrated educationalist and started a court school. We can trace a direct line back to Alfred.

Martin Brant. January 2005
Last updated: November 2007